Crisis and Cap-a-Pie

There was a great event on Thursday night at Crisis Skylight called ‘My Tyneside’. This was part of the Festival of the North East and showcased some of the work that the different art groups at Crisis have done this term. I’ve been working with the ‘Music Making’ group on Saturdays to write some songs based on the different members’ experiences of Newcastle. We performed two songs that have been written and arranged over the past few weeks and they both went down really well. It was a fantastic event with performances also from the drama, guitar and creative writing groups and all of the members’ artwork displayed on the walls.

I’ve also had great fun over the past couple of days working with theatre company Cap-a-Pie to write an opera with sixty Year 3 children from West Park academy in Darlington. This was part of some work that the pupils have been doing since Easter, exploring the theme of happiness. They had been studying the book ‘The Quiltmakers Gift’ and discussing some of the philosophy around it before all helping to write songs and a script for the opera, which was performed very well by the children on Friday. Hopefully there’ll be a video about it up soon so keep checking back for a link to that!

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