Summer til Now

It’s been quite a while since writing something here so thought I may as well now whilst I’m waiting to start recording guitar parts for for Maz O’Connor’s new album.

So it’s been quite busy since last writing. First was the Create Choral concert at the end of June. It was great to see the Quay Lasses give such a brilliant performance of my piece ‘Maa Bonny Lad’ and to hear the work of the other composers and choirs in the Discovery Museum’s Great Hall.

July was filled with gigs and lots of teaching. A highlight was returning to Warwick Folk Festival for the fourth or fifth time, this time with Maz. I’ve been there in the past with Southwind, Last Orders and Maz and it’s always a great festival. Unfortunately I had to leave early on the last night to get to Lincoln, where I was teaching at a Summer School for ArtsNK the next morning. This was a week of writing music with three groups of young aspiring artists, who were also learning dance and drama, ending in a great performance at the end of the week in the Terry O’Toole Theatre.

Next was two more summer schools at Middlesbrough Town Hall, first creating a musical based on some Disney classics and then a week of the participants creating their own musical. A tiring couple of weeks, especially as it was split up by a drive down to and back from Kent to perform at Broadstairs Folk Week with Horizontal Sunday, but was really enjoyable and great to see all the participants get really involved in making music and creating a performance.

I’m now looking forward to a busy October, starting today with recording guitar parts for Maz’s next album. Just listening to Matt Downer put bass parts down and it’s sounding great, so look out for that next spring! Also keep an eye on my events diary (which I haven’t updated for a while either!) as I’ll be putting up details of a tour with the Maz O’Connor trio happening from January – March.

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