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VB 15 MB

Världens Band is an exciting new group playing music from around the world. Meaning ‘Band of the World’, Världens Band formed in September 2012, spending two weeks in Sweden to create new music before performing concerts and teaching at schools and universities around Stockholm. They reformed at the end of April 2013, spending two weeks touring Sweden, playing at festivals, concert venues and universities. The band comprises musicians from Sweden, England, Scotland, France, Zimbabwe and India with the tastes in music extending to even more countries. Each musician brings an expertise in their own tradition, adding up to an exciting collaboration.

To keep up to date with the progress of Världens Band visit their Facebook page at:



McPeake of Belfast, Northern Ireland, is a band deeply rooted in the history of Irish Traditional Music. Formed by Francis McPeake IV, the band is now taking the world of Celtic music by storm with its own contemporary brand of self-penned songs and compositions. The New generation of this legendary family has developed a distinctive sound that is totally immersed in the popular culture of today, while maintaining a firm anchor in the influences of past generations. They figured prominently in the Emmy Award-winning PBS special ‘Music of Ireland’ and featured at the BBC Proms in the Park 2012. McPeake can most often be seen performing at Irish festivals across America but also enjoy playing gigs around Northern Ireland.


To find out more information visit McPeake’s Facebook page at:


Tappy Lappy Banner

Tappy Lappy Quartet formed in summer 2014 after being asked to perform at the historic festival of Tordenskjold in Frederikshavn, Denmark. Made up of two fiddles, melodeon, guitar and vocals, the members of this band met whilst studying in Newcastle upon Tyne, where one half of the band still live whilst the other half are now based in Denmark. Tappy Lappy Quartet can be found giving concerts on both sides of the North Sea, performing both originally composed songs and tunes as well as traditional material from the British Isles.

For more information visit:


Andy Watt Recital

Performing as a duo, trio and a quartet for different occasions, this new outfit came together in the summer of 2012 to perform in Hall 2 of the Sage Gateshead for Andy Watt’s university recital. Playing a mix of genres from Gypsy Jazz to self-penned folk tunes and Italian serenatas to bluegrass, the group is made up of guitarist / mandolin player Andy Watt, guitarist Matthew Jones, double bassist Dan Rogers and percussionist Andrés Fuzeiro.

For more information visit:

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